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Network Cabling

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Network Cabling :

Network cabling is another term for Data Cabling. AllNAll Solutions provide cost effective, reliable and efficient Network Cabling solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes across a variety of sectors.

We have over 10 years experience in this field. Our professional, certified team will design your infrastructure and implement it according to your needs. At the design stage we make sure that the final installation is future proof and has room for expansion. We use only high quality cat5e, cat6, cat7 and fibre optic cables. We always visually double-check our cabling and test our installations using the latest fluke test equipment to verify it’s working as intended, before issuing the appropriate certification. We can also give you a demonstration.  

To get the best and most competitive Network cabling Installation, ask for our free, no obligation consultation, at which we can advise on design, installation time scale and cost.  

Network cabling for new or existing premises

Network move or office relocation

Specialist communication room

Better and reliable performance

Improve existing outdated network

Network switches and router